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Conscious Parenting Course

Conscious Parenting - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Mindful Living for Parents is an Alchemy of Love Course. 


Firstly we ask ourselves the question Who am I?  The very first step is learning about habits, surroundings, the way of life.  The program works with the full range of parenting transformation tools that examine the body, emotions, thoughts, relationships, surroundings, goals and dreams.


All throughout the course we look into the development of our strengths as parents, parenting virtues, positive attitudes towards kids, and the way to develop our kids talents, creativity, etc.


Is it Self discipline, and strengthening of the willpower that we need to tap into your highest potential?


We ask ourselves the questions: Are there habits that suffocate our development ? Is it the endless chatter within our head that kills our initiatives and our kids creativity?  We go back to the concept of Simplicity Parenting.


We work with our Core Beliefs as parents


The course examines the negative beliefs that might disturb us.


We answer the very important question: What do we really want to live as parents? 


Do we live our dream life? 



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