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Magic of Numbers: Spiritual Meaning and Ancient Wisdom

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Magic of Numbers: Spiritual Meaning and Ancient Wisdom

It took Europe relatively long to accept the concept of zero. Accepting zero, enlightened minds of the time finally acknowledged the possibility of an idea that has no form and does not exist. For some Monastic Orders Zero provided a framework for the development of atheism.

Zero is associated with nil, non-being, nothingness, emptiness, and with zero defining non-quantitative as non-existent, everything non-quantifiable could now be defined as non-existent - including God.


Tarot and spiritual meaning and magic of numbers


Zero (0) is symbolized by the Tarot card called: Fool, the Element of Air. To read the full article about the Spiritual Meaning of numbers, please see the Publisher's Blog:




Source: http://artof4elements.com/entry/153/symbols-numbers